Energizing Energy

Student run experiments.
  • October 15, 2008
  • Christ Lutheran School
  • La Mesa  CA
  • 4th Grade
  • 26 Students

  • Zelinda  Welch
  • Market Analyst
  • Solar Energy Solutions Group
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Plant a tree in my backyard.
Light Blub

Students' Reaction

The questions from the students were impressive and were across the gamut.

Questions I was asked

Do scientists know how many solar modules there are in the US? What about the world?

This last year approximately 1.7 million solar modules were installed in the US. Around the world even millions more were installed in just one year.
*Solar Energy Industries Association, US Solar Industry Year in Review 2008, estimated that 342MW of photovoltaic modules were installed in the United States.

Overall Impression

The Christ Lutheran Church class was a ton of fun to teach. They came up with lots of great questions about the science of solar.