Fantastic Questions

Students running the experiments
  • October 14, 2008
  • Washington Elementary School
  • San Diego  CA
  • 4th Grade
  • 30 Students

  • Zelinda  Welch
  • Market Analyst
  • Solar Energy Solutions Group
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Turn off my computer every night before going to bed.

Students' Reaction

The students obviously enjoyed the interactive nature of the lesson.

Questions I was asked

Can you put solar panels on rocket ships?

They do! All satellites and space stations have solar modules. This was one of the first uses of solar energy. The solar modules used in space are very expensive but are extremely important. The astronauts’ lives depend on them. You can’t run an extension cord all the way out into space to give satellites and space stations power. So you need to be able to produce power at the space ship.

Overall Impression

We had a chance to team teach the class and both walked away energize by the students enthusiasm.