Shining Stars

  • November 10, 2008
  • St. Joachim
  • Costa Mesa  CA
  • 6th Grade
  • 30 Students

  • Charly  Bray
  • Senior Manager of SI Engineering
  • Solar Energy Solutions Group
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Never forget to recycle.
Green Bulb

Students' Reaction

All of the students were eager to share their knowledge.

Questions I was asked

What is the difference between Global Warming and Climate Change?

The words climate change and global warming are often used interchangeably. However, they do have different definitions:

Global Warming is a more specific term. It refers to increases in the Earth’s average temperature because of greenhouse gas build up in the atmosphere. Global warming is a cause of climate change.

Climate Change is a broader term. It refers to changes (increases or decreases) to long-term weather patterns, such as temperature, rainfall or snowfall.

A warmer Earth, from global warming, will lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. When scientists talk about the issue of climate change, their concern is about global warming caused by human activities*.

* Environmental Production Agency

Overall Impression

These were quite smart students. I know they will do excellent on their upcoming environmental science test. I’m fully expecting that the budding young scientists and engineers of St. Joachim 6th grade will be making tomorrows breakthroughs in solar technology.