Solar Fun

  • June 01, 2009
  • Lunada Bay Elementary
  • Palos Verdes Estates  CA
  • 4th Grade
  • 70 Students

  • Adrian  Taylor
  • Associate Sales Manager
  • Solar Energy Solutions Group
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Recycle bottles, cans and paper
Green Home

Students' Reaction

These students had a great understanding of renewable energy sources and ways to lessen their carbon footprint. Quite an advanced group of students!

Questions I was asked

How does carpooling reduce carbon dioxide emission?

Carpooling eliminates the need for so many cars on the road. As more cars flood the road, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming/climate change. We can do our part to reduce these effects by carpooling or ridesharing.

Overall Impression

This was a fantastic class! The students were very engaged and excited to learn about renewable energy. They loved the hands on experiments and were eager to participate during the Q&A session. I was so excited to see that the future generation is committed to learning about renewable energy and making a positive difference, even if it is as simple as turning off lights when leaving their room, using a re-usable lunch bag and riding their bike to school.