George Washington School

  • October 06, 2009
  • George Washington School
  • Mahwah  NJ
  • 3rd Grade
  • 63

  • Martha  Harvey
  • Solar Academy Team Leader
  • SEC
  • Mahwah
  • conserving water when brushing my teeth

Students' Reaction

Today we held 3 classes with the George Washington School 3rd graders. Everyone was very enthusiastic & knowledgeable about the topics of climate change & all the things we can do to lessen our negative impact to the planet.

Questions I was asked

What gives the sun it's energy?

The Sun's power (about 386 billion billion megaWatts) is produced by nuclear fusion reactions. Each second about 700,000,000 tons of hydrogen are converted to about 695,000,000 tons of helium and 5,000,000 tons (=3.86e33 ergs) of energy in the form of gamma rays. As it travels out toward the surface, the energy is continuously absorbed and re-emitted at lower and lower temperatures so that by the time it reaches the surface, it is primarily visible light. For the last 20% of the way to the surface the energy is carried more by convection than by radiation.

Overall Impression

The Mahwah Solar Team had a great time at George Washington!