Q and A

I’m just a kid, so what can I do to offset the damage from factories?

Almost all items we find in a store, from a sweatshirt to a video game, were produced in a factory. As we have learned, factories often contribute to climate change by using fossil fuels. This means that when we buy something in the store, CO2 was released into the atmosphere when the item was produced.

We are able to help reduce the amount of CO2 released by reducing, reusing and recycling. Here are a few examples:

- Reduce: When you go to the grocery store make sure that each grocery bag is filled to its capacity. If your family is buying a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk and a box of cereal, instead of using three grocery bags, you can fit all of the items into one bag.

- Reuse: If you are going to the store, take a reusable bag instead of using plastic bags to carry your purchases home.

- Recycle: If you go to the store and need to use a plastic bag, make sure to recycle the bag when you return home. Some grocery stores provide a recycling bin for the plastic bags. You can bring your plastic bags into the bin to have them recycled by the stores.