Classroom Spotlights

Solar Academy volunteers are having a great time visiting classrooms to talk about climate change and energy. When we return to the office, we share our experiences by writing a short entry into the online diary. Here are a few of our experiences.

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Classroom Spotlights in California

Lunada Bay ElementaryView All


Solar Fun

This was a fantastic class! The students were very engaged and excited to learn about renewable energy. They loved the hands on experiments and were eager to participate during the Q&A session. I...

Willmore ElementaryView All

Students and volunteers running experiments.

Conservation Superstars

Willmore Elementary is a terrific school because the staff and students truly treasure the environment. I had a great time working with students and demonstrating how solar works with our...

Vista Grande ElementaryView All

Electricity experiment.

Student Power

The kids were enthusiastic, well-behaved, very respectful and tons of fun!

Soleado Elementary View All

Sunny Soleado Students

The students were wonderfully engaged in the discussion. I was impressed time and time again by their questions and the extent of their knowledge. They are poised to take the baton from us and...

La Cañada Preparatory SchoolView All

Up close of experiments.

Solar Rocks

I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and their genuine interest and fascination with solar.